New Beginning, New Year and a New Adventure!

I wanted to provide a quick update to my friends and family who have been following my journey and to those who will be surprised by this update. Come end of January, I will be firmly settled into Afghanistan where I will be for most of 2019 with the U.S Army. Crazy, huh??

My journey started on July 4th when I was presented with the opportunity to deploy with the Georgia Army Guard for an upcoming deployment that was already underway. Prior to July, I never believed I would rejoin the military, therefore never deploying since I originally joined back in 2008. Though I’d technically been out since 2011, I spent the last five years in the inactive reserves which ended up being a game changer and allowed me to bypass doing basic training again. I spent the following month going through the re-entry process while being prayerful, talking to mentors, and of course family. In the end, I felt the calling to this deployment and peace to swear back into the United States Georgia Army National Guard on August 8th with the knowledge that almost five months later, I would find myself waking up in a new country in the middle of a combat zone.

Luke Clark and Lauren Mills at Ponce City Market for the Ice IglooOnly a few weeks later, I found myself with the greatest gift yet from the Lord, Lauren Mills, who you all will certainly come to know much better through my future blog articles. :)) What started as a friendly drink set up by my sister (that’s the short version… ha!) the day before I left for my first military assignment— with neither expecting anything to come from it due to my impending deployment— quickly turned into hours of late night talking, and later, the belief that the Lord had truly orchestrated bringing us together for a time such as this. So forward we go!

Below is an email that Lauren and I had written to send out around Christmas, which we pushed back due to the hecticness of the holiday and us soaking in the last few precious days together and with family. Enjoy!

God bless,
Luke J Clark

Dear Family and Friends,

We want to thank you for all your love and support during this time leading up to Luke’s deployment. We couldn’t have made it this far it without each of you, and please know we will continue to lean on all of you over these next several months. However, we wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much you mean to both of us and how blessed we are to have you in our lives. The Lord has truly been moving in huge ways for both of us! While we know this next season of life will be hard, we are both committed to this calling the Lord has placed on us and know He has us in the crosshairs of His Will. We ask for your continued love, support, and prayers until Luke returns.

Luke will be keeping a blog to record his journey overseas, so please feel free to follow along and track with us during this time at

Finally, we wish all of you and your families a blessed New Year!

L & L

P.S. For those interested, here’s our goofy JibJab that we originally created to send out before Christmas— it put a smile on our face and we hope it does the same for you!

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4 thoughts on “New Beginning, New Year and a New Adventure!”

  1. Sherril Barnes Busby

    You are in my prayers ,Luke. Lauren is precious to me and I look forward to your return and a FOR SURE opportunity to meet you!

    1. Sherril, I’m so sorry for taking so long to reply! It’s been a little busier these last few months than I was expecting. Thank you so much for your prayers and looking forward to meeting you upon my return as well! – LC

  2. A blog is such an amazing idea for self reflection and a great tool for using your life events as a testimony. Be safe during your time away from the states and thank you for your bravery and commitment to following God’s calling. -Liz (Lauren’s friend)

    1. It is indeed! I had hoped to be writing bi-monthly but it’s been a lot busier than I was expecting. I’ll get one out this month though, ha! Appreciate your encouragement and I certainly will stay safe! The time is ticking down, woot woot!

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Luke Clark

Luke Clark

Luke Clark was born and raised in Metro Atlanta, GA. He’s the fifth of ten siblings, Georgia Army Guardsman, owner of Clark Ideations, and lives in Atlanta with his wife, Lauren.