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I’m inspired to write this article for a couple of reasons, the main reason being that I’m out of my allergy pills (haha). The product I use is made by NeoLife. My family has been in love with this company’s products for many years due to their quality products and their uniqueness in the industry. One of the things I find fascinating, more so due to my last W2 job with a supply chain consulting company, is that NeoLife requires all of their suppliers to have full traceability within their supply chain for ingredients they deliver to NeoLife. One of those suppliers, who provided a single component for the overall resp-11 allergy herbal product, failed NeoLife’s self-regulated requirements. This forced the company to stop manufacturing the product for the past several months as they’ve actively searched for a replacement supplier that can meet their quality standard. This standard has allowed them to stay away from quality control issues; hence, their spotless track record for the last sixty years. The best thing about this quality standard is the unique tracking code on every product, which allows them to identify the issue since “every single NeoLife product acts as a window into the system that allows us to track every ingredient from its point of origin to its ultimate destination,” which is excellent.

Why do I bring up this quality standard of NeoLife’s? Partly because I’m miserable without my allergy pills and deeply disgruntled over the reason for it. However, at the same time, I’m very thankful because it shows they aren’t cutting corners here and there, or anywhere! It deepens my trust in the company and in their products that I’m putting in my body. See how they responded to this issue with their Resp-Eleven product, I know I can completely trust this company to stick to their promise to always use the highest quality whole food ingredients in all their products. What warms (literally, due to allergies) me the most is that they are financially taking a loss due to this decision to stick to their principles. Imagine how many times they must have been on the losing side financially over the last sixty years because they wouldn’t compromise on the single smallest ingredient amongst a host of elements that go into their products?? I certainly will admit that I’ve sadly cut corners with tasks in my life while justifying that the result warranted the means. With a multi-million dollar company, cutting corners is something that almost inevitable comes to light in the public eye someday. Sadly, in the consumable health industry, lives are often lost when integrity becomes compromised.

Earlier this year, I sat down with a CEO that I respect, who heads up a very prominent marketing agency here in Atlanta. He left me with a sharp piece of advice while talking about making the ethical decisions in directing one’s company. He said, “If you have to ask ‘Should I?’, don’t be there.”

How about you? What is a company that you respect, that you feel have stuck to their principles even when it means possibly operating at a disadvantage against their competition and accepting certain financial loss?

– Luke J Clark

If you want to learn more about the NeoLife’s sophisticated system and quality check process that one rarely finds in the health and wellness industry, check it out because it’s certainly worth a read.


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Luke Clark

Luke Clark

Luke Clark was born and raised in Metro Atlanta, GA. He’s the fifth of ten siblings, Georgia Army Guardsman, owner of Clark Ideations, and lives in Atlanta with his wife, Lauren.