Contemplating 10% of the first fruits…

I think it’s important, as Christians, to tithe our income, something which a lot of you may agree with, but are we looking at it correctly? The video attached to this article was something my mentor, Phil, shared with me back in 2015 (I just re-watched it) when my complete focus was getting out of the massive business debt I had inccurred prior to 2011. Honestly, I didn’t want my conscience to possibly be pricked, especially with all that I was attempting to accomplish. However, deciding that ultimately, truth was what I sought, I watched it. Giving back 10% of the first fruits to the one I call my Lord (a title referring to master or owner) made complete sense when 100% of all that I had and was continually given was a blessing from him.

Principle of First Fruits Tithing from 12Stone

For those who end up watching it, I certainly would entertain discussion on it. Ultimately, I believe we should all strive to be like the poor widow in Mark 12:41-44, who realized that all she had belonged to God and walked by faith in her offering. We should harbor no expectations of an earthly return but faithfully follow his calling, even knowing it could be our last physical blessing the we have. We should realize that we are merely returning to God the requested small portion as a sign of faith and obedience.

– Luke Clark

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Luke Clark

Luke Clark

Luke Clark was born and raised in Metro Atlanta, GA. He’s the fifth of ten siblings, Georgia Army Guardsman, owner of Clark Ideations, and lives in Atlanta with his wife, Lauren.