About Luke Clark

Brand Ideator, Guardsmen, Christ Follower & Husband

About Luke J. Clark

I’m Luke Clark; a lifelong Georgian who calls Atlanta home, the middle child of ten siblings and uncle to fifteen nephews and nieces. I was recently deployed to Afghanistan with the Georgia Army National Guard under the 3rd ID. In the civilian world you’ll find me running Clark Ideations and assisting in my role as the Chief Information Officer with Berea School of Ministry. I’m also a member of American Legion Post 140 in the Buckhead/Chastain Park area of Atlanta.

This blog below covers my personal thoughts from my relationship with my Savior, everything online branding, to deployment life with the US Army. Enjoy and reach out if you would like to talk. God bless!

– Luke J. Clark

Here’s a quick snapshot into my experience over the years for those interested. Please reach out with any questions you may have or if you’re interested in possibly working with me on your next project.

Marketing Ideation

My mission at www.clarkideations.com is to work with clients who’s desires are in sync with mine; clients who are passionate about their mission and striving to be honest and ethical in their marketing portrayal to the end-consumer. I’m not down with using my skills to help “sell ice to Eskimos”. I do everything from website design & development to digital marketing for the brand, while giving my clients the best service at every stage of the ideation process.

Front-End Engineering

In 2003, I began with the basics of HTML, CSS, and some Javascript before moving on to include more backend development with PHP (WordPress
focus) and Ruby on Rails. In 2012, I refocused on front-end engineering, solely due to the behavioral science aspect of it and how it directly affected the user’s experience with the brand. Most recently I’ve focused on frameworks such as AngularJS & Vue.js, while using SASS and CoffeeScript for code efficiency and compiling. Pretty much everything is now connected to the WordPress backend for client websites.